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Useful Tips About Amalfi In Italy

Useful Tips About Amalfi In Italy

positano accommodationsWondering about Amalfi - the town on the world-renown Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi is a community in the province of Salerno located in the Campania region of Italy near the city of Salerno.

Aristocrats and upper class used to travel to this town for a vacation in the late 1920’s. Today, it is a popular tourist haven for everyone who loves Mediterranean landscape.

To fully appreciate Amalfi, you need to understand a bit of its past.

Legend tell us that, Amalfi was named after a nymph who was the love interest of the Greek God Hercules. At the command of the Gods, the town was buried on the coast.

Even today, the villagers still perform ancient rituals to pay respect for her beauty. Some historians relate that the town was once a property of the Roman Empire. Over time Amalfi became the first strong maritime republic which made it very rich.

Residents became well-versed in trading precious items like salt and gold.

This trading industry also made them the first to introduce paper into the continent. In 1643, nearly the end of the Renaissance period and the Middle Age, a deadly plague struck the towns residents and ended the lives of many people.  The rest of its population slowly filtered out to Naples over the next 250 years. 

The Amalfi Coast itself has five major towns: Amalfi, Sorrento, Ravello, positano Amalfi coast (http://wiki.akademiskakorenlinkoping.se/index.php?title=4_Reasons_to_Stay_in_Positano_vs_other_Amalfi_Coast_Towns) and the famous isle of Capri. If you're going there it's probably wise to visit the Amalfi Coast during the summer season as this is the time when most hotels are fully available and the hydrofoil boat system is running at peak capacity. In addition, the water along the coast is peaceful and not so chaotic. You can do some beach lounging and swimming but it may be more enjoyable to visit the enchanting towns of the Amalfi Coast.

For example Positano is on the water between Amalfi and Sorrento.  While the clothes and food here run to the high end, the quality is definitely worth it. How about visiting the long, sunny beach. You can also visit the Santa Maria church surrounded by a wall which depicts fishing fox. It symbolizes the irreplaceable connection of seas and mountains in the Coast which moulded its horizon.

From Amalfi, you can also have a hydrofoil going to the famous island of Capri. This island is known as the "Island of Dreams". On the downside: it can be crazy busy in July and August.

During the remaining months of the year, it showcases cultural and scenic break of Italy’s gauntlet. If you fancy a hike Capri is the ideal destination for you to visit because of the mountains and cliff-like hillsides.

And don't forget to take a boat to the famous Blue Grotto

Ravello is situated up high in the mountains above the town of Amalfi, giving you some of the most amazing scenery of the Coast miles below.

Because of the barbarian invasion years ago, Ravello became a shelter place for common people fleeing to a safe place. Today, Ravello is a popular place with music and art lovers. In a tribute to Wagner’s music, Ravello hosts an annual Ravello Festival during the summer season. There are many varieties of music and street presentations suitable for every visitor.  

So there you have a few tips about the town of Amalfi and the Amalfi coast. Hopefully you can use them to choose where to travel to and plan your perfect Italian trip!

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